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***  New & Used Goods for Sale  ***

We carry a large range of  new and used IT, electrical & electronic spares, components and test equipment.

We also have many ‘vintage’ and older goods which may be of interest to Radio Hams and those who are restoring older electrical and electronic projects.

Used goods  are sold on a private basis, come with a limited warrantee, and do not attract a VAT element.

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Phasor Technology Ltd

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Featured Goods for Sale

For Sale

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GEC BT1093

Star Buy    1950 GEC BT1093 9” Console Television

GEC BT1093

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GIS IT Services Supply of Goods & Spares Avionics Services Test and Safety Services Media & Audio-Video Services Repairs Web Design Services Tracking and Surveillance Electronic Engineering

Our areas of expertise:

Armstrong AF105 Tuner

 Unusual    1954 Armstrong AF105 Radio Tuner/Amplifier

GEC BT1093 Armstrong AF105 Tuner Voice and Data Communications Services

 Rare      Tri-ang R214 21T Ore Wagon & Unloading Bridge

Useful      DVD to Digital Video Capture Box

Honestech DVD to Video Triang R214 Ore Wagon Kit

 Unusual   Amiga A1200 Computer & Philips CM8833 Monitor

Amiga A1200

 Rare       1920’s Railway Galvanometer



Future Amstrad NC200 Laptop

 Rare 1980s Amstrad CPC6128 BASIC + CP/M Computer

Amstrad NC200 Laptop