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Armstrong AF105 Radio Tuner/Amplifier

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Our Goods Number  VR012

Here’s a very rare Armstrong AF105 Radio Tuner/Amplifier.  Original price was 37/-  (thirty-seven shillings, or £1.85p - which equates to around £240 in 2015).  Serial Number is 32270, which is probably number ‘70’ of the small batch of AF105’s made.

Originally described as a “Three-In-One, AM/FM Radiogram Chassis”, this fine piece of equipment was designed to be fitted into a user’s own cabinet (which could be home-made or purchased though third-party suppliers); Armstrong advertised this in ‘Wireless World’ in 1956 as:

This has been ‘cased’, but this can easily be removed to return it to the original spec.  Condition is ‘good’, and could probably be brought back to operational after checking capacitors etc.  It was last working in the mid-eighties, since when it has been stored in a dry, warm, and smoking-free environment.

It is offered as an auction item - please use the Enquiry Form link below to enter your bid.  No similar unit has been sold at auction in the past 40 years, but we have set a modest Reserve based on an initial Bid that has been raised.  You will be notified if your Bid has been successful, or is it is within 15% of the Reserve, but not if it is below this value.  You may place a higher Bid at any time.

Featured Goods

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