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Electronic Engineering

Electronic Engineering forms the core of our expertise - from as early as 1967 with our involvement  with the BBC ‘f-Nat-Lock’ system that allowed seamless ‘switching’ between Live Television Studios when the UK began the PAL Colour TV System.

It is still the base layer of our skills in 2017.  In this fast-changing technological world, the basics of physics, electrics & electronics have changed little, which is visible in all our services from Avionics, through IT and Test & Safety, Geographic Information Systems, to Video Editing.

Design and Installation of 638 Television, Radio and Sound Studios across the UK and Europe, including 24 Turnkey Sites.

British Airways

Design of Data Communications Systems for Automatic Position Reporting

GEC/PlesseyMarconi Systems

Design & Installation of various Voice/Data Communications Systems in the Defence and Avionics Industries.

Design of the electronics for an outdoor  training facility for the MoD for use by the Special Air Services.  The facility housed full-sized and realistic streets, shops, Police HQ, Hotel, and an Airport with a Jumbo-Jet.

Phasor Video (as we were then) provided the electronic designs for video & audio surveillance/tracking, ‘friend-or-foe’ recognition and personnel location recording.  

Installation of Small Airfield Comms, GPS, Weather and Data Systems.

Some of our highlights over

 the past 50 years include:

PAT Testing

Specialist Electrical Appliance Testing for Education, Broadcast and Defence.

Health & Safety Services, including Duty Holder Responsibilities, Policy Creation & Management and Record Keeping.

On and Off-Site Competent Staff Training and Supply of Test Equipment.


Provided Quality Control Services for IBA TV and Radio Studios.

Tests & Measurements to the IBA  Engineering Code of Practice, using the recognised Engineering Test Set.

Provided Emergency Call-Out Services for both BBC and IBA Studio and OB Units.

Electronic Forensic and Surveillance Services for Police Forces across

Southern England