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After earlier trading names (1976 - Video Electronics, 1979 - Vector Electronics, and 1985 Phasor Video), Phasor Technology became an incorporated company - the new trading name reflecting the diverse range of electronic goods & services offered.

We provide goods and services for Broadcast & Industrial Television & Radio, Sound Studios, Education,  Media & Advertising, Aircraft & Avionics, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Services, and the Ministry of Defence and their Agents.

We are a specialist company that provides design, installation and maintenance services for those industries mentioned above, as well as supplying goods and spares, producing operational manuals and providing test procedures (including Electrical Safety Testing -  ‘PAT Testing’), and training staff on the use and maintenance of their equipment.  Much of our work covers a substantial element of ‘intelligent’ equipment, so our expertise covers IT systems, particularly data communications: transmission, reception and monitoring.

Our success over the past 40 years has been due to our ability to gain a full understanding of our clients’ businesses, and to recognise their specific needs and requirements.  To this end, Phasor Technology has always employed qualified engineering staff who are able to converse with the client and their staff at a professional level.

We are happy to provide these goods & services at a ‘domestic’ level, and can supply IT and Audio-Video support to the general public and small traders alike, at highly competitive pricing.  Our fault-finding and repairs procedures are on a “No Fix - No Fee” basis.

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